OSEQUE Z SOLE UV Protect Spray 75ml (No Gas Type, Moist, Mild, Shining)


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  • ZERO Gas ! Income nozzle spray (Safe for children)
  • Oil free type
  • Cooling + moisture+ 3 in 1 sunblock all kill !

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Yahoo answers Does sunscreen have an expiration date?

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    Yes, the medications in the sunscreen that cause it to block the sun can expire. I don't know how long it takes normally, but I've had some expire and I burned like crazy! Don't ya just love this...

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Does sunscreen have an expiration date? I have a bottle of Banana Boat Sport Performance Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 50. I'm very sure that it's at least a...

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I've used sunscreen that was WAY past it's use by date and it still worked. I'd say if it's only two years old it's probably still fine :) I just had a ...

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